Our Story



We love supporting our local farmers here in Loudoun County.

We wanted to bring Loudoun County a Salad and Grains Bowl restaurant that has quick, easy and real food and impacts the community for the better.

Seriously Satisfying

Salads and Bowls that you will never regret choosing. Eat without guilt. We are bringing mindfulness to what we consume, and how we consume it. We love texture and crunch in our salads and in our lives!

Authentic Food

Harvest to table food is pure, real, authentic, and at it’s peak nutrient density. We are about real food. We are committed to healthy living and quality food that makes us feel good.

It’s More Than Just a Salad

This is not a fad or a diet, this is a lifestyle for eating simple, real, pure & local food. This is about giving back to the community, supporting our farmers and being on a mission to make Loudoun County an even better place. 


Building our community and our immunity with health
Bringing you value in our salad and warm bowl options with big time flavor, real ingredients and your daily value of nutrients for a better, more joyful and healthier life.